Dear Swift Friends & Colleagues, I've just received the good news from Emma Teuten at the RSPB, that all your records of breeding Swifts for the past summer have now been processed by them and uploaded on to the National Biodiversity web site, where they may be seen by all, and especially local government and others involved in wildlife protection work.
Well done for all your efforst in 2010! Do keep the records coming in this coming summer too please! All the best, Edward


Hi everyone,
I thought you might all be interested to know that the swift inventory has been updated on the NBN. Over 10,000 records of swift nest sites and screaming parties were collected last year. These are all now on the NBN-
Screaming parties: 
Nest sites: 
I've attached a file with more info about how to access the data. 
I hope this is of interest to you. Please spread the word!
Emma Teuten
Data Management Officer
Conservation Data Management Unit
RSPB - Scotland
From 26th November:
2 Lochside View, Edinburgh Park, Edinburgh EH12 9DH
Tel: 0131 317 4161 direct / 4100 (switchboard)
Fax: 01767 685008
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Downloading data from the NBN

            e.g. the Swift Inventory Nest Site dataset


  • Navigate to
  • Search for “swift” in the search box in the top right hand corner
  • Click on “Grid map of the distribution of Apus apus.”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “deselect datasets”
  • Scroll up to the dataset you’d like to download, e.g. RSPB >> “Swift Inventory of Nest Sites in the UK, 2009 (RSPB and Swift Conservation Groups)”, and select this by clicking on the box to the left
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “refresh report”
  • Click on the “download data” button below the map.
  • The data will be emailed to you.