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For information on veterinarian therapies applied to the swifts, you can visit the Mauersegler Klinik site. This centre is the reference on Common Swift rehabilitation.

Under the section "Veterinary", Dr. med. vet. Christiane Haupt provides extensive information for a veterinarians, coming from her wide experience and years of dedication to this species and other wild fauna.

The site also provides information of her recently published doctorate thesis.

Haupt CM (2009) Radiologische Diagnostik am Mauersegler Apus apus (Linnaeus 1758): Anatomie und Pathologie des Skeletts und ein Beitrag zur tierärztlichen Therapie un Prognose. Dissertation thesis, Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen, Giessen






      The site language is in German and working in the translation to other languages. Many sections are already translated into English and Spanish. Google translator could be a great tool to help on the non yet translated contents.



Dr. Christiane Haupt, from Mauersegler Klinik in Frankfurt, perform surgery on broken bones with a great success. On the picture a radius fracture.






Feather imping conducted by Dr. med. vet. Christiane Haupt.

The patient was released after few days, showing a great fly performance.

Many swifts show important problems with feathers. Most have to be sacrificed, being imping the only option. 

Unfortunately, only Dr. Haupt on the Mauersegler Klinik has currently the experience to conduct such interventions with success. 

We hope than in a near future, these techniques could be used by other professionals in many wildlife rehabilitation centres.

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