As Swift Watch liaison on campus and a representative of COSSARO (Committee on the Status of Species at Risk in Ontario),
I urge you to come to the Chimney Swift BUGS extravaganza on March 16.

What are Chimney Swifts?
Why are they called that?
Why are they Species at Risk?
What has Western got to do with them?
What did they do before there were chimneys?

I know these questions and others are flashing through your mind. You will learn much, much more on March 16, but in brief...
They are small aerial insectivores (birds not bats). They are listed as federally and provincially Threatenedand and their habitat
is protected under the Endangered Species Act. They nest and roost in chimneys and use several of the buildings on campus.

A couple of years ago Swift Watch presented Western, Kings and Huron with certificates of appreciation for protecting
Chimney Swift habitat.


Swift Watch was started in London and is now run out of Bird Studies Canada. They organize volunteers to watch chimneys to spot nesting pairs and count roosting swifts on migration. If you have never seen birds entering a roost you are missing one of the highlights of your life!

So come and raise awareness!

Find out about Chimney Swifts and other species at risk on campus and learn how you can be involved.

Date: Wednesday, March 16 Time: 4:30pm-5:30pm

Location: Physics and Astronomy 137

Don't forget those awesome door prizes! Please tell your students and bring your colleagues.

Support BUGS and Species at Risk.

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